How to Study with Our Digital SAT Practice Tests - The SAT Crash Course

The SAT exam is going digital starting 2024 in the U.S and has gone digital in all other countries except for the U.S. Since the new SAT is different from the previous exam in format and testing methods, it’s important that students become familiar with the changes in the new exam before they walk into the testing site. In the new digital SAT, simply studying the SAT topics may not be enough – students will need to optimize their test-taking skills in the digitalized environment in order to be competitive among other contestants.

In order to achieve those strategies, it’s important to study with digital SAT practice tests that offer similar settings to the new SAT exam. The SAT Crash Course has created its highly-effective Digital SAT Practice Tests to help students experience the digital SAT in the most similar settings. As we encourage our students to study on their own with our tests, we are offering these study guidelines that will help students make most use of their study sessions.

Before You Take Our Tests

Study the SAT Subjects

To make the most of the practice test, it’s best to be prepared to take the test with knowledge on the major SAT topics. There are many resources you can use to study for the SAT including College Board study materials, SAT prep books, tutoring, or online courses. You can choose whichever method that works best for your studying habit. Here are some tips that will help you effectively study for the exam.

Set Your Schedule

Before you start your SAT prep journey, take a practice test to assess your baseline performance. Then, set a final goal and create a study schedule that accommodates your commitments and daily routine. Allocate time for each section and allow for regular practice and review sessions.

Use Reputable Online Resources

When you are self-studying, it’s your best bet to rely on some of the most reputable online SAT prep resources. College Board and Khan Academy provide useful study materials and questions that students can download for free. Also, students can benefit from online courses that offers effective strategies on taking the test. The SAT Crash Course’s 5-Week Online Course aims to to help students finish the SAT prep fast by giving them the most important knowledge and skills needed to take the test.

Learn the Digital SAT Test Format

Before you take the test, try to become familiar with the different characteristics of the digital SAT. You can find all the details of the new SAT in our summary of the digital SAT format. Among the changes, some the most noticeable ones include stage adaptive modules and usable digital tools. Try to visualize how your test taking experience will be from beginning to end before you take the real practice tests.

Take Official Digital SAT Practice Tests

Once you feel confident on your knowledge on SAT topics and the exam format, try taking a few practice tests. You can find the official tests on either the College Board or Khan Academy websites

College Board

The College Board, the organization that administers the SAT, offers free official practice tests on its website. These are real SAT exams from previous years which provide an accurate representation of the test format and question types.

Khan Academy

The College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to offer personalized SAT practice. You can create a free account on Khan Academy and access customized practice tests based on your performance.

When Taking Our Tests

Create a Test-Like Environment

When you take our tests, set up a quiet and comfortable space with minimal distractions. Also, use a laptop or computer to simulate the actual test-taking conditions. You will make the most use of the practice tests if you think of it as a real experience of taking the SAT exam.

After Taking Our Tests

Review Your Mistakes

After completing each of our practice tests, thoroughly review your answers. Try to understand why you got certain questions wrong and identify areas where you need improvement. Pay attention to the types of questions you tend to get wrong. It’s helpful to gather your wrong answers in a file and review them once in a while.

Revisit Your Weak Subjects

Once you have analyzed your wrong answers, find out which subject areas you need improvement on. Then, go back to your study notes and reinforce your understanding on the contents and solve more questions in the same category. Identifying your weaknesses will help you focus your study efforts.

Get Expert Help

If you’re struggling with specific concepts, don’t hesitate to ask for help from teachers, tutors, or online resources. We are offering tutor suggestions for students who seek extra help on reviewing their answers. Students can copy the link of their score reports with the link on their test result page and send it to the tutors. Our tutors will be able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve your score on the next exam. The service is provided at a extra fee.

Ready to Take the Test?

Now we know the best way to study with our practice tests, let’s get down to it. Go here to get the test and experience the digital SAT exam now! You will see the real difference in your score on the actual SAT exam.