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Experience the Real Digital SAT

Our practice tests simulate the Real Digital SAT test to help students get accustomed to the new format. From question styles to technological features, our tests incorporate all the changes in the new SAT. Students will be able to acquire valuable test-taking skills from their home with our online sat practice tests.

The Features

Reflecting the Real Digital SAT

Full-Length Practice Test

Our practice tests contain 98 questions to be solved within 2 hours and 14 minutes, just like the new SAT.



Our tests use adaptive modules in which students’ performance on the first module affect the difficulty of the second module.


Technical Functionalities

Our testing app incorporates all the features in the new SAT such as in-app calculator and annotation tools.


Similar Scoring System

Our score calculation process mirrors the system in the real SAT, providing a reliable score expectation for our students.


New Launch!

Best Teachers Explain Every Single Question!

We’ve found you the best of the best instructors. After you’re done with a test, you can study on your own with the help from the two top SAT instructors. These video explanations will come with the purchase of our tests.


Digital SAT practice test

Meet Our Instructors!

Huzefa Kapadia

● Founder of Scalar Learning
● Creator of math focused YouTube channel with over 109,000 subscribers
● Creator of math focused Instagram page with over 58,000 followers
● Math tutor for over 300+ students over the last 10 years

J Kwon

● 16 years of experience as an SAT tutor
● Creator of SAT focused Youtube channel
● Thorough familiarity with the SAT to break down the patterns and traps that College Board uses in its Reading and Writing questions
● 1600 scorer on SAT

Proven Quality

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Why Choose Our Tests

Extremely Similar to the Real Digital SAT

Online SAT practice test

Same Format as the New Digital SAT

Our practice tests are 2 hours and 14 minutes long with a total of 98 questions, just like the new digital SAT. The style of the questions and passages reflect the changes made in the new SAT. Also, our testing app allows students to use all the technical features in the real test such as built-in calculator and annotating tool.

Computer-Adaptive Modules

All our practice tests use adaptive modules introduced in the digital SAT. This is a new system in which a student’s performance on the first module affects the difficulty of the second module in each section. As students practice with our tests, they will learn to leverage their problem-solving skills to get the best result.


Digital SAT Math Module 1
Digital SAT Math Module 2

Take a Free Mini Digital SAT Practice Test!

We are offering a free mini digital SAT practice test for everyone! Our mini test is a short version of our full-length tests that helps students understand the format and style of the new SAT. Take it now!

Comprehensive Score Report

Identify Your Weak Areas

In our score page, you can take a look at a breakdown of your weak areas along with an overview of your correct/incorrect questions. It will tell you exactly which topics and question types you need to work on to improve your score.

Weak Areas in SAT Reading
Weak Areas in SAT Math

PSAT Practice Tests Are Available!

Get ready for your Digital PSAT exam with our qualified practice tests.


What People Say


If you are looking for SAT practice tests, I can’t recommend anything else as much as I can recommend the SAT Crash Course. Their test is almost a perfect copy of Bluebook. You will get a realistic simulation when you take the practice tests.

– Mechem at SCORE: Your College Counselor

Their practice tests are really good quality. They feel so right, so much like the College Board.

– Huzefa at Scalar Learning

I can confidently say that the SAT Crash Course played a significant role in helping me achieve my SAT goals, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to prepare effectively for the SAT.

– John D.

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