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For Educators

Boost your students’ performance with our digital SAT practice tests

Digital SAT Practice tests on a testing app for educators.
Created by Test Prep Experts

20+ SAT Practice Tests

We currently provide 20 tests for our partners, which is 10 more exclusive tests than what we offer our regular users. Our practice tests simulate the Real Digital SAT test to a highest similarity to help your students experience the new test-taking environment.


Similar to the Digital SAT

Developed by ex-College Board employees, our tests reflect every aspect of the digital SAT including the test structure and the content.


Computer-Adaptive Modules

Our practice tests are fully adaptive, with meticulously created questions of different levels to accurately assess students’ levels.

Technical Functionalities

Our testing app includes all the technical functionalities such as built-in calculator and annotating tools for students to practice using them.

Competitive Features

Superior Test Quality Proven by Experts

Manage Students’ Tests

Customized Platform

Upon onboarding, we will provide a platform for our partners in which the teachers and students can assign and take our tests. Our unique features allow the teachers to view each student’s score report and analysis on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The platform is available for white-labeling.

Test Management

Access to Students' Score Report

White Labeling

Innovators in Higher Education

Grow Together

Our goal is to collaborate with our partners in providing quality study materials to more students. Using our top-tier AI technology, we will constantly create more tests and update our tests based on the test trend. By doing so, we will make sure we always provide the best resources to our partners.


What Our Partners Say


Working with The SAT Crash Course has been incredible. The platform has been spotless and questions have mirrored College Board’s questions. Furthermore, I am consistently impressed with how much they care about their educators and customers. Despite purchasing weeks ago, I get consistent replies every single time I have a question. It has been an absolute pleasure working with The SAT Crash Course, and I cannot wait to a long, sustained relationship. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

– Aditya at Academic Allies

If you are looking for SAT practice tests, I can’t recommend anything else as much as I can recommend the SAT Crash Course. Their test is almost a perfect copy of Bluebook. You will get a realistic simulation when you take the practice tests.

– Mechem at SCORE: Your College Counselor

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