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Digital SAT: Preparing for the Change and Taking Advantage of Practice Tests

The College Board announced on January 25th, 2022, that the SAT exams will transition to a fully digital format by 2024. This significant change aims to make the test-taking process more accessible and less stressful for students. As the SAT goes digital, it is crucial for students to adapt their preparation strategies to meet the demands of this new format. In this blog post, we will discuss how to prepare for the digital SAT, focusing on the importance of digital SAT practice tests, the benefits of SAT digital testing, and the features of the digital SAT test and SAT digital practice test.


Understanding the Digital SAT

The digital SAT is designed to improve test access, quality, and delivery for students worldwide. The exam will be administered at schools or test centers, supervised by administrators. Students will take the test on their laptops or school-issued devices. According to the College Board announcement, the digital SAT interface includes built-in tools such as a calculator, highlighter, and strikethrough, as well as a reference feature with mathematical formulas and an in-built clock for time management.


Digital SAT Practice Tests: Key to Success

As the test content remains the same, students need to focus on honing their reading, writing, and math skills. To prepare for the digital SAT effectively, it is crucial to incorporate digital SAT practice tests into your study routine. These practice tests will help you become familiar with the digital format, enabling you to easily navigate the interface and manage your time efficiently during the exam. The College Board will soon release digital practice tests on their website, and students can also start practicing with other free online SAT practice tests to get a feel for the digital SAT format.


Embracing the Benefits of SAT Digital Testing

The digital SAT offers several advantages, including greater security, flexibility, and faster score delivery. The test length will be shortened from three hours to two, allowing students more time per question. Calculators will be permitted for the entire math section, and test scores will be delivered in just a few days. By embracing SAT digital testing, students can showcase their college readiness skills and increase their chances of admission to their dream schools.


Navigating the Digital SAT Test and SAT Digital Practice Test

To excel in the digital SAT, it is essential to understand the major changes in the test format. The reading section will focus on humanities and sciences, with passages based on contemporary issues in finance, economics, and the environment. The math section will feature more straightforward questions, similar to the ACT, with less wordy math problems. The digital SAT will be adaptive, with the level of difficulty varying for each student depending on their performance. By familiarizing yourself with these changes, you can confidently navigate the digital SAT test and make the most of the SAT digital practice test opportunities.



The transition to digital SAT offers numerous advantages for both students and test administrators, addressing security challenges and providing greater flexibility. As the exam goes digital, it is essential for students to adapt their preparation strategies and make the most of digital SAT practice tests. By focusing on the key elements of SAT digital testing and incorporating digital SAT test and SAT digital practice test resources, students can excel in this new format and increase their chances of college success.